Welwyn Team Ministry

We are five Church of England churches who work together as a team:

  • St. Mary’s Welwyn,
  • St. Michael’s Woolmer Green,
  • St. Peter’s, Ayot St. Peter,
  • All Saints, Datchworth and
  • St. Peter’s, Tewin.

Our collaboration began formally in 2005, but we had already begun to explore ways of helping each other a couple of years earlier.

The primary aim of the Team is to help each of the churches flourish in its own community in its work of service and witness to the love of God. We also aim to share resources and ideas where appropriate, to encourage and support each other, to grow in friendship and explore collaborative ways of working.

From time to time we meet together for special events or projects. Examples would be the visit of a Bishop every other year for a Confirmation service; the opportunity to meet together to study in Lent; and the popular series of Summer Evensongs that move around the five churches. 

There is a Team Council with clergy and lay representatives from each of the churches, and a ministry team of clergy and Readers (lay ministers).

Each of the churches has its own distinctive character but we are united by our faith in Jesus Christ.

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Our Vision

We  derive our inspiration to serve the community from our Christian commitment. We have written down our vision of what we are about:-

  • We believe that to worship Almighty God is our priority, "our duty and our joy". We want our worship to be the best that we can offer, and that through it, others may be drawn into the fellowship of faith.

  • We strive to be a family who truly love and care for one another, being bound together in Christ. We believe that each member of our congregations should be encouraged to grow in understanding of the faith, and in commitment to Jesus Christ.

  • We encourage all members of the Church to be conscious of their priestly calling and to give themselves in service to the community in the name of Christ, and to draw others to know and to love him.

Image Credits - The photos for the banner were provided courtesy of Chris Jones (St Mary's and St Michael's), jhr1uk (Ayot St Peter and St Peter's Tewin) and Julian Osley (All Saints, picture under copyright.)