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This year, due to the numbers involved, it won’t be possible to hold Christingle with a congregation in church.  So instead kits and instructions have been distributed via our churches and local primary schools ahead of a livestreamed service.


Christingle Service

If you missed the live broadcast on Sunday by the Revs David Munchin and Susannah Underwood, never fear you can catch up here They will show you how to make your Christingle at home while.  You can make a donation to the work of the Children's Society here and find the order of service here


If you don’t have access to a kit via a primary-school child, you will need:

  • An orange

  • A candle

  • A bit of tin foil

  • Some red tape or ribbon to go round the orange

  • Four cocktail sticks

  • Sweets

And if you don’t have all those things, feel free to be as ingenious as you like!


Please note even if you have a kit you’ll need an orange!


This family-orientated service is much enjoyed by young and old alike.  The Christingle tradition started in 1747 and became popular in 1968 as a fund-raiser for the Children's Society.  Ever since it has been an annual fixture in the church calendar and remains an important stream of income for the charity. The Children’s Society supports children in many different settings and difficulties in the UK.  As this year there will not be an opportunity to fill a candle with money or bring a donation to the service, please consider donating online to our fund-raising page here in aid of The Children's Society, to support the vital work they do.

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