Easter is the most important festival in the church's year.  We prepare for Easter in Lent and follow the passion of our Lord through Holy Week to Good Friday.  This makes the celebration of the resurrection so much more poignant, joyful and meaningful.


Details of all our activities, Lent groups and worship, together with dates, times and locations can be found here.  A printed copy of the booklet is also available in church.  You will be most welcome to join us for all or any of these - you do not need to be an active church-goer to get involved!

Our Lent course this year is on the theme of 'Bible stories we thought we knew ...' and reading material for the course can be found here but will also be available when each group meets.

You may also like to follow this Lent and Easter devotional course on The Beatitudes and The Lord’s Prayer, produced by the Church of England which can be found here

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