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Tower Clock

The tower clock was built by John Thwaites of Clerkenwell in 1803 and refurbished and installed in the rebuilt tower in 1911.

On one occasion in February 2021 when the clock was being wound, although the 'going train' wound as normal, it became apparent when winding the 'striking train' that the ratchet mechanism that holds the weight in place had failed.  The weight fell to the floor of the ringing chamber, spinning the winding handle round and out of its socket.  It became clear that along with the ratchet at least one shaft was badly out of alignment, suggesting a failed bearing or a broken shaft.

Although, the 'going train' continued to tick away happily and the clock showed the right time, it was decided in early March to stop it at 12 noon until a professional clock repairer can inspect and repair it in case it was unsafe.  This may take a while as antique clock repairs are not considered an essential business during current pandemic guidelines.

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