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St. Mary’s Choir is central to worship at St Mary's. The choir is back to full strength again following the challenges of Covid. We sing a broad range of music across the ages. On Sunday mornings our role is more to support the congregational worship and our monthly choral focus is our full Choral Evensong with introit, choral responses a banger of an anthem and a setting of the Magnificent & Nunc Dimittis.


We welcome all who wish to sing with us.

Singing and sight reading experience are useful

but not essential.


The choir currently consists of 25 - 30

ladies, men and teenagers.

We rehearse on a Thursday evening from 7:30-9pm.

Sunday commitments are 9-10:45am every Sunday

& 5-7:30pm (Evensong) on the 2nd Sunday of the month


Special services are always a delight to sing in - Advent and Christmas Carol Services, Holy Week, etc. 




                                               We have just introduced CHORAL SCHOLARSHIPS. We have 8 places                                                      open for students (normally older secondary school students). They will                                                come and sing with us as a full member of the choir, learning choral                                                      skills & repertoire. They are paid £360 per annum in return for their                                                      service. Our director of music, Robert Milner, has run similar schemes before and many of the scholars have gone on to be Oxbridge or other university scholars - often from little or no previous choral background.

Please contact Robert Milner on if you are interested in joining the choir or applying for the scholarship.

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