Jesus made his love and support available to all, and asked us to do the same.  Our welcome, fellowship and support is also available to all.  We welcome donations, large or small, regular or occasional to help with this work.


It costs £4,000 per week to run the church.


Please help us to:

  • provide the care, fellowship, community groups, and worship

  • pay for clergy stipends, pensions and housing

  • run the church office

  • maintain the fabric of both buildings in good condition

  • heat and light the buildings

  • service and maintain all the equipment in Church

  • service and maintain the organ and other music equipment

  • service and maintain all the equipment in Church House run the church office


We are reliant on donations to do all these things; funding is not provided from any other source.


If you are a UK tax-payer please Gift Aid your donation which will enable us to recover 25p for each pound you donate, at no extra cost to you.


We welcome donations by:


For more information please contact us by email.

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