Welwyn Tune is on holiday until 6th September.

“A fun place to come to see your friends and sing”

 “A lovely joyful place to be and we get to sing in church ....”


Just two comments from our choir for young people, Welwyn Tune.


Our main objectives are to foster enjoyment of singing, to provide an opportunity for young people to participate in worship, and to continue the tradition of excellent music at St Mary’s.


Our members range in age from seven to fourteen years. We usually participate in the Eucharist  service at 9.30am on Sundays one a month with the adult choir.


In addition to this, Welwyn Tune also participates in various Youth services and all-age worship. Sometimes the choir takes part in the monthly 40 Minutes service, and there is a chance to join in the annual pantomime as well as the annual Christingle service.


We follow the Royal School of Church Music’s ‘Voice for Life’ scheme, which is ‘an invaluable framework to develop the art of good singing and musical understanding. Seeking to enhance our vocal skills and talents is not only pleasurable, but also brings great joy to others.’ (RSCM.)

Our choristers receive a badge or ribbon when the appropriate level is reached.


Welwyn Tune meets on Friday evenings during term time in Church House, from 6.30 – 7.30pm.


We welcome any children of 7 years and over.


For details please contact Linden Innes-Hopkins or Jo Fozzard at  welwyntune@welwyn.org.uk