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Christmas Charity Appeal 2022

Our Christmas Charity for this year –


Gombards United Sparkles Art Space


Gombards is an 8 bed Residential Care Home, situated in the heart of Welwyn Village, which supports people with severe complex needs and learning disabilities. A community within our own village community, passionate about providing the best possible care and life choices to each of their amazing community members.


Launched in 2017, United Sparkles is an art project formed to `support residents. Starting with hand-over finger printing. Each person’s unique work is developed into beautiful, individual works of art.  These designs are then transferred onto cards, bags, mugs, and many other items. Imagine the sense of accomplishment to see your own artwork used in this way. 


Gombards attends St Marys coffee morning with the people they support to sell their products on Tuesdays in the village. They also work in partnership with Suzie’s Florist who sell their products and have a stall every year at the Welwyn Street Market.

Currently the “Art Space” in use is the kitchen table!!!!! Not so convenient.

Over this Christmas season The St Mary’s Community are partnering with Gombards to raise as much funding as we can so that they can build an Art Studio (Summerhouse) as a dedicated art space. This will enable residents to leave the kitchen table and gain even more from the creative opportunities that art offers to all of us.

To donate please put money into our retiring collection, use the church card reader (Christmas eve and Christmas day all donations on the reader will go to our charity) or see the church website. during December.

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