Lent: the time of preparation and reflection before the great celebration of Easter.

It's a time of prayer, sacrifice and doing good things for others. 

The 40 days of Lent represents Jesus' time in the wilderness before He began his public ministry. During that time He prayed and was tempted and challenged.


What do to in Lent?

There's lots to get involved with, or to reflect on, whatever you'd like to do! 

Join in our pancake race on Shrove Tuesday.... attend a reflective Lent Group, thinking and exploring with others.... read the "Saying Yes to Life" Lent Book.... more details on all of these can be found here

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Join our Lent Groups...

A Lent Group meets during Lent to explore a theme. This year, our focus is environmental concerns and our responses to them in the light of the Gospel.. Come along - you'll meet a friendly group of people engaging with key texts and thinking.

Details of times and dates etc are  here  

and all the material you need can be downloaded here. This includes images and links to resources.


More Lent things to do...

Watch this beautiful cartoon, "Jesus in the Desert" 

Sign up for daily Lent reflections from the Church of England here

What to know more?

Click here ! The Church of England website gives some useful info about Lent and Easter.

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