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Lent: the time of preparation and reflection before the great celebration of Easter.

It's a time of prayer, sacrifice and doing good things for others. 

The 40 days of Lent represents Jesus' time in the wilderness before He began his public ministry. During that time He prayed and was tempted and challenged.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, 17th February 2021


Join our Lent Groups ......

This year our Lent course will at least start on line via ‘zoom.’ We know this won’t suit everyone but at the moment we can't meet in person. Many of us have got used to using ‘zoom’ in our lives but if you are struggling do let us know as we have people able to help. 


The course material this year 'Connect' comes from the Diocese of Norwich. It looks at how we might connect our faith in practical ways with some of the issues of the day: Home, Work, Waste, Food, Neighbour, Nature. It is written by the Rev’d Susanna Gunner. Susanna used to work as education officer at St Albans Cathedral at the same time David was there, and trained for ordination with our Susannah.


Copies of the pack containing six booklets are available for £2 in St Mary's Church  (please put money in the wall safe on the left as you enter church.  Copies are also available at other team churches.  If you would like one sent to you please email the Rector here. You can find more about the course here


There are seven groups to choose from starting on Thursday 18th February for six weeks.  Ideally join the same group each week, but if you need to swop or miss sessions that's fine too.

Monday at 8 pm with Su Blanch

Tuesday at 7.30 pm with Sue Keach

Wednesday at 10.30 am with Rev'd David Munchin

Wednesday at 8 pm with Mike & Gay Carpenter

Thursday at 7.30 pm with Rev'd Philip Waller

Friday at 10.30 am with Rev'd Susannah Underwood

Sunday (youth group 11 - 19) at 7 pm with Rev'd Liz Lavelle

Sign up by completing the online form here and click submit

If you know you may need to join more than one group, tick the appropriate boxes on the form.  The leader(s) will send you an email on Shrove Tuesday, 16th February with the zoom link and any other details.  If you decide during the course of Lent you want to attend a different group, send an email to us here and we will get the zoom details to you.



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